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Oriveda Shilajit (mumijo) is the only source of pure unprocessed Shilajit in the West.

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Cleaned and purified black Altai Shilajit • Mumijo. 25 grams can cover ± 6 months. It has an unlimited shelf life.
The fulvic acid % is currently 11.4% (federal lab report available on request).

  • Our supply is very limited !
This Shilajit • Mumijo has not been subjected to heat or destructive processing and therefore can claim max. potency.
This pure and genuine product has been authencitated and purified using tried and tested patented processes.
A recent test report (20 compounds) can be downloaded here. Also see our FAQ for processing details!!

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Stone oil is a natural product, so depending on the origin the chemical composition may vary.
The 31 main chemical elements:
Chemical element g per 100 g
Al 1.0-8.0
Mg 2.4-6.0
Ca 0.3-3.6
Na 0.35-2.2
K 0.15-2.0
Mn 0.3-1.5
Fe 0.1-1.5
Si 0.2-1.0
Ni 0.05-0.2
Zn 0.02-0.1
Co 0.015-0.06
Cu 0.008-0.03
Cr 0.0008-0.01
Ti 0.00002-0.0003
P 0-0.05
Li 0-0.02
Zr 0-0.015
B 0-0.012
Sc 0-0.001
Ga 0-0.0025
V 0-0.0025
Be 0-0.002
W 0-0.0006
Nb 0-0.0006
Y 0-0.0005
Ba 0-0.0004
Sn 0-0.0003
Bi 0-0.00015
Mo 0-0.0001
Pb 0-0.0001
Ag 0-0.00004
(source: Chemical Science Research Institute of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
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Why Shilajit • Mumijo ?

It can be used both internally (in general after dissolving it in water or milk) and externally (dissolving it in body lotion or creme is seen often in Russia).
Below is a brief description of its properties***. For a more extensive background and history click here  ( page opens in new window ).

All natural, a complex combination of several dozens of macro- and micro elements, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, plant sterols, fulvic acid and humic acid.

  • Healing (e.g. skin, will enhance the blood flow, helps to minimize stretch marks and scar tissue)
  • Effective against burns
  • Protective, balancing and purifying
  • Supports the immune system (adaptogenic properties)
  • Anti-ulcer
  • Aphrodisiac (traditional use in Ayurveda)
  • Shortens recovery period after illness and the illness itself in many cases, improves better and faster healing of wounds
  • Fractures heal faster (up to 50%)
  • Against muscle ache, used to massage
  • Anti-anxiety, anti-stress
  • Smart drug (nootropic effect)
  • Anti-aging (both mental and physical)
  • Improves stamina and strength (sports e.g.)

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Why choose ORIVeDA's Shilajit • Mumijo ?

We are currently the only ones outside of Russia that offer raw, unprocessed Black Mumijo (or Shilajit as Ayurvedic medicine calls it)  for sale.

It is an extremely rare natural substance, only found in some mountain ranges like the Himalaya and the Altai mountains. Because of its rarity and its hyped reputation as a panacea (it is also one of the last remaining 'rasayana's' in Ayurveda) a lot of people smell good business opportunities.

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Resulting in a lot of fake, flooding the -online- market. Like mixes of burnt sugar with propolis, Ozokerite, herbal shilajit (!?), you name it...
Let's face it, a natural substance, more rare than gold or diamonds, that takes several decades to form a layer one millimeter thick can never be available in the quantities that are currently offered online, and definitely not for low prices.

'Guaranteed levels of fulvic acid !' some sellers claim; but how can you guarantee this in a natural product without processing it to bits and/or spiking it ? Natural Shilajit • Mumijo contains 7 - 17 % of ashless fulvic / humic acids according to Russian research; 7% is the minimum (Russian Federal Standard). Anything below that threshold is not allowed to be sold as Shilajit • Mumijo.

ORIVeDA Shilajit • Mumijo contains 11.4 % fulvic acid
(source: last CoA; 2013 - available on request). Critical customers have noticed that none of the other Shilajit sellers is offering a COA that lists the active ingredients.

Processing Shilajit • Mumijo (e.g. when turning it into tablets, powder, tinctures) involves heat and adding stabilizers, additives etc, and probably involves the use of metal equipment, which means the natural composition of Mumijo • Shilajit (and the resulting synergy) is affected, many of the amino acids will be destroyed (because of heat) and several other components will oxidize and change properties (by getting in touch with metal).

After being authenticitated ORIVeDA Shilajit • Mumijo is cleaned/purified using a tried and tested patented Russian method that is based on low temperature and centrifugal processing, followed by air-drying to ensure a moisture level ≤ 7 %. This is very important, because contaminated or high-moisture products can develop mold and uncontrolled oxidation and fermentation might occur. The resulting raw material is then checked for heavy metals and other contamination (yeast, mold, e-coli, salmonella, mites) that is not allowed in food or dietary supplements. After that a sanitary certificate is issued.

You don't have to take our word for it. Please have a look at our resources section where we have collected quite a few research publications about Mumijo •Shilajit). Also have a look at our FAQ and at this background-page.

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white mumijo - stone oil - brag-shun

Even more rare than Black Mumijo is the white version, known in Russia as 'Stone Oil', 'The White Stone of Immortality'. We have a very limited supply.

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