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Oriveda's focus is on selling well-researched medicinal mushroom extracts of superior quality.

As a business we are focused on providing our customers with the best possible products, value-for-money and service. We are serving customers in over 85 countries.

Our business is based on common sense and pragmatism. We feel that every claim of quality should be backed up with hard facts.

All our products are tested by independent objective laboratories, not just for safety but in particular for active ingredients. You don't have to take our word for it when we claim premium quality - you can verify it. We share our test reports with our customers.

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• Therapeutically speaking, ORIVeDA extracts are the most powerful extracts available worldwide, with guaranteed levels of the most important bioactive components and the highest bioavailability possible. And this is not just a marketing statement.

Our authorized supplement facts labels and Google make it easy to compare our products with others. As said, our Certificates of Analysis from independent third party laboratories are available here.

• Since we started as a business we have always emphasized the use of extracts, being the only reliable way to accomplish therapeutic effects.

Already in 2012 we started specifying beta-glucans (the main active ingredient of most medicinal mushrooms) on our supplement fact labels. This was a time when 95 % of mushroom supplements had zero specifications (not being extracted) and the rest mentioned 'polysaccharides' at best, a broad term covering a lot of non-bioactive compounds, in the core unsuitable as a quality marker. Currently beta-glucans are widely accepted as a quality marker, using an AOAC-validated test method.

• We are the first ones specifiying cordycepin as a quality marker for Cordyceps and the first and only ones to specify the NGF-promoting compounds for which Lion's Mane is known - the terpenes. In short, we have set and pointed out quality standards since we started. This approach makes it easy for consumers to choose the right stuff and they're less likely to be deceived by marketing tricks. Make sure to check our FAQ for additional details.

• The value-for-money you get with our products is excellent. Not only are our prices often lower than others, but the level of bioavailable active ingredients in our extracts is also much higher, in some instances over three times higher than the best of the rest. So, instead of spending $ 90 on “product X” you only have to spend $ 30 on our product for the same therapeutic potential.
And on top of that, as said before, we guarantee the bioavailability of the bioactives; your body can absorb and digest them 100%, so the therapeutic potential is maximal. And all these claims can be verified - objective third party test results are available here.

• In SE-Asia medicinal mushrooms have been used for many centuries. These countries therefore contain probably the best-informed and most critical consumers. We are proud to be able to claim that we are currently the only Western company selling mushroom extracts on a large scale to this region.
• A lot of the research on which our products' reputation is built is available and can be downloaded for free from the resources-section of our site.

• We ship to almost all countries in the world, except warzones.With only a few exceptions, shipping is free for website orders, worldwide. We usually ship orders the next day.

• We offer maximum personal service: we are online 7 days a week and your questions will be answered in great detail. Those questions are important: they help us develop new ideas and products. Keep them coming!

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  • 120 v-caps @ 355 mg 
  • (2 months regular use)
  • • incl. Ashwaganda extract
    (≥ 10% withanolide glycoside conjugates)
  • • incl. L-Theanine
    (highest purity possible - 99 %)
  • • incl. Bacopa monnieri extract
    ( ≥ 50% bacosides)
  • • incl. Rhodiola rosea extract
    (± 3% salidrosides / ± 1% rosavins)
  • • herbal formula •

Why Conscio ?

CONSCIO's main purpose is to neutralize the negative effects stress (chronic stress in particular) can have on our physical and mental health and to help us adapt.

The formula is 'adaptogenic' and when taken daily will increase your body's ability to cope with chronic stress of whatever nature and its after-effects.

CONSCIO®is also a great tool to use just before meditation or yoga - it will calm the mind but it will not make you sleepy or less alert.

Stress is for a big part rooted in ’perception’ and therefore subjective. It can have a great impact on our health and quality of life, though. In particular chronic stress is a killer. The anxiety caused by chronic stress makes it for example difficult to focus, which in turn causes even more anxiety and in the long run will undermine your physical health.

Getting straight to the point: chronic stress will make us more susceptible to health problems because it weakens our immune system. It triggers the production of cortisol, which can cause hard-to-battle inflammatory effects when chronic.

Remember the old statement 'stay calm, you'll get yourself an ulcer' ? It's not the stress itself that is causing the ulcer, but the Helicobacter Pylori, a bacteria that is present in most peoples stomachs but kept at bay by the immune system. When chronic stress is weakening the immune system that bacteria can go wild and cause ulcers (it has also been linked to stomach cancer); an example of how stress can hurt our health.

What is needed is something to help us adapt to external stress, something to calm the mind but without losing focus and mental clarity. That would prevent this negative anxiety spiral from developing and helps to prevent stress-related health problems (usually immune related).

This is where ORIVeDA CONSCIO® can help. It will improve your ability to adapt to the never-ending bombardement of stressors from our environment and help to stay focused and to perform better.

CONSCIO® works primarily on the mind and how we perceive and respond to chronic stress. When taken daily it will decrease the fight-or-flight response and prevent the high levels of cortisol that are caused by it.

The physical effects of stress can be neutralized by taking ORIVeDA CCCE®, a mushroom blend focussing on normalizing the immune function. Together these two supplements are an excellent toolset to manage stress but also the negative effects of ageing on our health and well-being.

* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.

The active compounds in CONSCIO

ORIVeDA CONSCIO® is a proprietary herbal formula consisting of four pharmaceutical grade premium herbal extracts of the highest purity.

All compounds have a history of clinical trials and are backed by scientific evidence, underlining their therapeutic potential.

The specific properties of the four extracts have been balanced against each other to create the best possible synergy and adaptogenic qualities; the formula as a whole was then tested and honed to perfection during the past 4 years.

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Withania somnifera - also known as Ashwagandha , ‘Indian Ginseng’ and ‘King of Ayurveda’ – has been used in India since 6000 BC as a general health tonic and for treating a variety of health issues ranging from anti-stress to increasing memory.

Modern day researchers have been validating the reported benefits of Ashwagandha by running human trial studies that meet the most stringent rules of experimental testing – e.g. randomized double blind placebo controlled (RDBPC) trials – to investigate and validate the ancient claims and benefits of using Ashwagandha.

The Multiple Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been clinically documented to have the following benefits:
  • Reduces experiential and biochemical indicators of stress
  • Anti-anxiety herb (Anxiolytic)
  • Therapeutically effective as an adaptogen in treating nervous exhaustion
  • Improves self-assessed quality of life
  • Protects cardiovascular system
  • Memory enhancer
  • Immunomodulator – helps to normalize the immune system
Researchers in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled experiment investigated the effects of Ashwagandha in reducing stress and anxiety and in increasing the general levels of well-being in stressed-out adults.

A total of 64 participants suffering from chronic stress were selected for this research and randomly divided into 2 groups of 32 each: the treatment group received Ashwangandha and the placebo group were given capsules that contained a neutral substance. After 60 days of treatment the Ashwagandha group showed a reduction of 27.9% of serum cortisol (a biological marker of stress) compared to 7.9% in the placebo group. This study also measured ‘Social Dysfunction’ and ‘Depression’ – the Ashwagandha group had reductions of 68.1% and 77.0% compared to the placebo group’s -3.7% and -5.2% (the minus sign indicates that the symptoms actually got worse for the placebo group from the baseline that they started with).

Ashwagandha’s efficacy in reducing serum cortisol levels helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety – these reductions then improve the general well-being of the individual.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root, rose-root, and artic root has been used for centuries by ancient civilisations, starting with the Greeks and Vikings for treating fatigue and increasing physical and mental strength. Tibetan and Chinese medicine have been using Rhodiola since 300 AD to detoxify and increase blood circulation. Since 1748 several European countries (Iceland, Greece, France, Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Russia) started documenting using Rhodiola for enhancing fertility, alertness, mood, and longetivity.

Rhodiola was one of the first herbs classified as an adaptogen by the Soviets in the 1940’s. See this extensive monograph for in-depth information.

Scientific Evidence of Using Rhodiola

During the past 20 years many clinical studies (testing humans taking Rhodiola) have confirmed many of the ancient claimed benefits of using Rhodiola and have also discovered additional applications for promoting physical and cognitive vitality.

Clinical research has suggested the use of Rhodiola for:
  • Improving symptoms due to Stress
  • Enhancing Physical endurance
  • Reducing Depression and Anxiety
  • Ability to Concentrate and increase Attention during burnout and stress-related fatigue
  • Treating Mood disorders
  • Improving the efficiency of Short-term Memory (temporary memory/working memory)
  • Reducing Mental Fatigue

Stress Protection and Reducing Fatigue

Rodiola rosea is a true adaptogen and is used to enhance mental and physical performance – especially reducing mental fatigue and stress related to the challenges of daily life and dealing with 'fight-or-flight' responses.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) has been traditionally used for many centuries in India for enhancing poor memory, treating a variety of cognitive functions, and for increasing longevity. The Caraka Samhita, a 6th century Ayurvedic text describes in detail the applications of Bacopa for treating various mental ailments, especially those related to focusing, concentration, and memory.

During the past couple of decades this herb has drawn the attention of many researchers, eager to test these ancient claims.

There is a world-wide trend showing longer life-spans in general, but this has also increased the prevalence of age-related dementia and other cognitive impairments (speed of processing information, short-term and working memory, ability to focus and concentrate, and rational reasoning). This makes this herb and its active compounds all the more interesting from a scientific point of view.

Scientific Evidence of Using Bacopa

Many animal studies showed that using Bacopa improves memory and learning new information, so it is not surprising that controlled (random, double-blind, and placebo participants) human clinical trials validated these outcomes and much more.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that taking Bacopa may have the following cognitive benefits:
  • Improves memory
  • Decreases the rate of forgetting newly acquired information
  • Reduces distractibility
  • Increases attention
  • Improves mental control and logical memory
  • Decreases symptoms of anxiety and stress
  • Greater retention of visual information and memory
  • Lowers depression

Focused Attention and Retention of New Information

Global information overload is challenging our cognitive functions and stressing our brains to retain new information. Taking Bacopa on a regular basis, as the clinical trials suggest, will help reduce cognitive stress and anxiety caused by the overwhelming demands on our memory in daily life. Bacopa may also facilitate the processing of new information by improving the functionality of memory and a more focused attention.


Tea, second to water, is the most consumed beverage since its discovery in China 5000 years ago. Tea has been used by ancient oriental cultures for medicinal purposes and as a general health tonic – especially for its calming and relaxing effects.

Tea leaves contain a unique, naturally occurring amino acid called L-Theanine. Research has shown it may be responsible for the ’relaxation’ effects and for reducing stress.

The latest research on L-Theanine suggests that due to its unique chemical structure it acts as a ‘gatekeeper’ in the brain by screening irrelevant stimuli from awareness – this blocking of unnecessary stimuli may be responsible for increasing mental alertness and selective attention. Several studies have revealed that L-Theanine increases the activity of alpha brain waves – these waves are known for arousing the general state of mental alertness with calmness. This suggests that L-Theanine enhances ‘Relaxed-Alertness’: making it easier to focus on immediate tasks that require concentration and attention.

Scientific Evidence of Using L-Theanine

During the past decade the cognitive benefits of L-Theanine have been well researched in order to determine the validity of the existing claims and investigate the various unique neuro-protective properties responsible for cognition, mood, attention and stress.

Numerous scientific studies have suggested using L-Theanine for promoting the following benefits:
  • Reducing Stress (anti-stress levels)
  • Mood-enhancing – feeling less anxious and stressed
  • Feeling more calm and contentedness
  • Improving attention (focused awareness) and concentration – mental alertness
  • Increasing relaxed states during mental activities of focusing attention
  • Improving sleep quality in individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


L-Theanine induces alpha brain waves which help by increasing mental focus during challenging tasks and activities that require greater concentration and attention – and most importantly accomplishing this goal without paying the price of becoming edgy, hyper or tense.

Recommended intake is one serving daily (2 capsules @ 355mg Conscio Herbal Formula).

Take daily, together with food. Improvements will be more pronounced at week 8 - 12 then at week 4 - 6, do not expect overnight miracles.

Ashwaganda, Brahmi, chronic stress, stress management, anti-stress, calming, improve mental clarity and focus.

* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.
  • 120 v-caps @ 355 mg 
  • (2 months regular use)
  • • incl. Ashwaganda extract
    (≥ 10% withanolide glycoside
  • • incl. L-Theanine
    (highest purity possible - 99 %)
  • • incl. Bacopa monnieri extract
    (≥ 50% bacosides - HPLC)
  • • incl. Rhodiola rosea extract
    (± 3% salidrosides / ± 1% rosavins)
  • • herbal formula •

Produced in compliance with the following quality standards :
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • cGMP
  • and also
  • Halal
  • Koosjer
  • USDA organic (EcoCert)